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Alouette 2
Alouette 318C Helicopter For Sale - Sold
This aircraft if for sale either complete with all installed 2015, state of the art GPS Isolair spray system
or with-out as experimental SA318C helicopter.

Ideally it will sell complete as this spray system is completely istalled with all STCs - would be a shame to take it out.
However the system can also be used on other helicopters such as the BELL 206
(Check the Isolair website for other compatible aircraft with specific
mounting brackets for this system.)
We will remove the system also to sell the helicopter as an Experimaental category aircraft.

The SA3130 was the first turbine powered helicopter and its variants held the altitude records for many, many years before
superceded by the Alouette 3 and the SA 315B Lama. This is a piece of history - while being a fast, powerful, high altitude,
comfotable 5 seat helicopter with ample storage capacity and side baskets!

For more information contact - - or call (818) 557 0903

For more information on the Alouette 2 - click here.




King radio with intercom and new head set wiring
STC approved fast fueling option.
Side baskets

Isolair Helicopter Spray System Model 3900 - SOLD

Optionally will come with 35ft custom trailer with skid ramps and winches




Optionally will come with complete TracMap GPS spray system computer.